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Saturday, October 25, 2003:

remember comic con?

e-mail i got from rob beck at bare bones...

"so we've finally gotten around to putting the finishing touches on our site and posting those "booth bunny" pics from san diego. plus there's oddles of new stuff(oodles???) for your enjoyment. games, fun, pics, updates, meeting info, and the start of plans for our annual anthology book.
so go, peruse, participate, and enjoy!
on a side note hope to see you all at the Las Vegas Comic Con. we're sharing a booth with local printer Southwest Printers and will be their hawking our wares friday, saturday, and sunday!!!

be well!



PS (in case you'd forgotten) "

so if you go to you can see me... i'm finalist #3!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003:

i am upset.

for lots of reasons, most of which i can't bring up here. and for those that think i might be politically apathetic, i *did* try. and i *was* one of the silly people that got turned away. i just didn't want to admit that i tried and failed, and no amount of imploring on your part would have changed it when you saw me.

i've been crying a lot lately; don't give me reason to start up again.

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